The Collaboratory

WORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAY

Personal & Professional Creative Development - The Whole Way


Private Coaching and Project Classes

Individually or as a group, come and create whatever project is on your mind and in your heart. You don't have to know a thing before you start, we'll teach you the tools you need to complete your project as you go. "Serious Fun"! Any project big or small.

This is a great option to spend time sharpening your skills with a general variety or specific tools and gain a better understanding of Making Your Ideas Tangible from beginning to end.


Group and Team Building Workshops

Group and Team Building Workshops Family or corporate team building and all around special occasions are our treat. Inspiring teams or powerfully coming together to create for any reason, collective learning and brainstorming with one Mission in mind, is valuable at every level and "Serious Fun"! More connection is ultimately what will be!     


Creative Retreats

Being fully immersed in an organically facilitated, intentional, fully equipped creative playground allows you to lean into transformation, as you collaborate to use and cultivate the intense power of your own abundant and authentic, creative self. Life changing and "Serious Fun"!