The Collaboratory

WORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAY

Personal development: The Whole Way

Idea Sculpting Workshop New*

The Outcome will be a magnificent tangible metal sculpture (personal totem pole) that will stand 7 feet tall in your own sacred environment, created with the essence of your own mind, body and spirit! It will work to reflect, release and imbue the insatiable memory of who you are, why you are here and what you intend to do with the gift of your life!  

Creative Retreats

Being fully immersed in an organically facilitated, intentional, fully equipped creative playground allows you to lean into transformation, as you collaborate to use and cultivate the intense power of your own abundant and authentic, creative self!    

Group and Team Building Workshops

Family or corporate special occasions are our treat. Inspiring teams or powerfully coming together to create, learn and brainstorm with one Mission in mind, is key. More connection is ultimately  what will be!