The Collaboratory

WORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAY


Art-Design Studio and Creative Laboratory


Art - Industry - PEOPLE - Business

WORKING ART: Metal Art & Welding Classes

  • 60 minute and 90 minute classes for ages 11 -100
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  • Small to large scale project sessions
  • Teambuilding sessions
  • Social and occasion classes: birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, bachelorettes, family fun

For special sessions and workshops, contact us.

THE WHOLE WAY: Personal Development

  • Life Journey Class - Mining your life's journey to uncover your gifts and future. Create tangible art that reflects your life journey and your trajectory forward.
  • Creative Retreat and residency
  • Groups and team buildings


  • Custom commissions for unique and meaningful works of art.
  • Works of Art for sale. 
  • Metal Arts in Phoenix. 
  • Art and design.


If you are ready to sign up for a 90 or 60 Minute Creative Class, click the button below. If you don't find what you are looking for there, please contact us and allow us to help you "Make Your Ideas Tangible" as we "Make a Tangible Way" .