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1973 - 2012

Khabir was the founding steward, President and full time Professor of Working Art and "Making Ideas Tangible" as well as the co-creator of The Collaboratory and Working Art The Whole Way.
Through his fertile wit, deep intentions, capacity and ability as an Artist, Inventor and Master Builder, Khabir is Working Art "Making Ideas Tangible".

Khabir was born in Milwaukee, WI. Khabir's nature as an Artist, earned him best in show at his first Art competition in the 1st grade and by 3rd grade he was taking classes at the art Institute of Wisconsin through an honoree Art scholarship. Khabir attended collage in Mississippi and has degrees in, Industrial drafting and Architectural drafting. As well as studies in Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Khabir is a sheet metal Journeyman, Certified FHWA / DOT Mechanic, Inspector and Welder. Khabir is also a Certified Structural Welder, in numerous states throughout the US, including California.
During his time studying in Mississippi, Khabir began cultivating his passion for working with young people and was involved with Youth Group organizations for 10 years, for the latter part of his service he served as a Youth Director. His passion for cultivating spaces, tools, ability and opportunities to teach and share with our youth through the application of work and activity has become an integral part of Working Arts philosophy, work practices and Culture. During Khabir's time "Making Ideas Tangible" in California, he was a volunteer Welding Instructor at a major Art Institute program for the Youth, in the bay area. It is his intention that each and every project we build will also serve to support the development of "making" skills within the youth, equipping the young people with tangible skills to build our future.
Khabir has contributed a number of extraordinary structures in California, including holding in the poisonous reptiles at the new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, with the Innovative solution of the design and fabrication of stainless steel lids for the bespoke reptile and amphibian tanks.
Khabir always contributes to the environments that he has lived. During his 6 years In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Khabir added to the authenticity of the environment, refining proprietary patina techniques, as well as gaining an understanding of the minerals we use and the extreme elements they live within. Creating and building, public and private means of egress systems, as well as fine art pieces and much interactive hard art.
Khabir's most recent projects are in Denver's, Mile high City. Bespoke and exquisite uses of wood and metal fusions have been designed and used for bespoke hand railing for means of egress systems and further repurposed in the design and creation of an Elegant Industrial Modern furniture collection that includes the use of pure bronze structures, that can be viewed at the Denver Design District.

khabir has designed, built and installed what can only be described as an ordained, monumental 20ft Aluminum Water Sculpture - "The Shard" and most recently designed, built and installed a 17ft tall Astrological Sunshade Dome at Stapleton's newest school, Swigert McAuliffe International School. We have one task to complete this ground breaking piece of "Interactive Hard Art" and thats the Solar lighting system. Our aim is to light up the inside of the Dome with a solar lighting system that will shine its light through the constellations at night into the wider community. Helping to educate both the little ones and their parents about the depth of knowledge systems available to explore within the dome and demonstrate the power and opportunities that present themselves through the integration of solar and art.

Through the Working Art Denver Ability Center Khabir equipped the youth at DSST (Denver School of Science & Technology) as technical lead mentor for the Robotics team- Brute Force! to compete in this years First Robotics National Competition. Khabir is teaching many young people through Working Art's apprenticeship program as well delighting in spontaneously choosing to work with many young people within our neighborhoods that he meets along the way, Making more skilled young people to "Making More Ideas Tangible".

The Collaboratory has recently located to Arizona, bringing the Working Art vehicle to Mesa to spread the word and euip many new students.

Teaching the Art of Welding is spreading like wild fire as we teach groups, individuals and business teams through our 'You Will Weld" class and our latest cutting edge Team Building concept.


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