WORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAY

Heart Gardens - april 2020

Cutting out Fear to Live in Love

The Intention is to remind Everyone that they are Loved and Appreciated in a Tangible Way - Working Art The Whole Way! Find out more 

Planting a Heart Garden at Ryan House

 Ryan house is one of only 3 Children's Hospice facilities in the US and is completely funded by donations and a deeply Loving Community  

Join the #HeartGardeners

For every 10 Hearts, I make for you and your Loved ones Gardens, I take a big Red Heart Gift on behalf of us all and plant it in view of one our first responder and critical worker sites, to share our LOVE & APPRECIATION with and for them. 


Ceri Launched her Art Lighting series, Keep Your Eyes on The Light, at The prestigious 2019 Sedona Arts Festival. A first time attendee to this magnificent Art Show in it's 29th Year. Ceri was delighted to be awarded First Place in the Metals category and plans to return in 2020, with a progressed series of Art Lightin