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Personal Totem Pole workshop

New Workshop coming Fall 2020

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Sculpt your own personal totem pole

The Workshop - Content

If your ready to make your ideas tangible and allow us to help make a tangible way for you to TRANSFORM through the creative process of producing intentional art, on purpose,  Lets do it...............

There are only 4 spaces available for this first of its kind workshop. We are utilizing 2  fully stocked classrooms, so you can  be fully immersed in your own unique experience, ebbing and flowing within the creative process.  

The creative process will be facilitated to support your unique and organic reflection upon who you are from the most elevated view, from the inside out! Our intention as we create and hold space,will be for you to deeply immerse yourself in your own, unique and personal creative process, as you excavate your most:

- Exquisite and authentic identity.
- Clarify what you value most.
- Dream your highest vision.
- Align your life's mission.

The Outcome will be a magnificent tangible metal sculpture (personal totem pole) that will stand 7 feet tall in your own sacred environment, created with the essence of your own mind, body and spirit! It will work to reflect, release and imbue the insatiable memory of who you are, why you are here and what you intend to do with the gift of your life! 


Making Your Ideas Tangible

The Workshop - Structure


  • This is a 12 hour workshop and we have a 6 week window from June 8th through to July 13th for you to complete the full workshop. So you have 6 Friday's between 6pm and 9pm to work with. 
  • You may choose from 2 or 3 Hours of creating weekly, on Friday nights starting at 6pm for 4, 5 or 6 weeks.


With only 4 people, utilizing  2 classrooms, our intention is to create an environment that allows for a deeply personal process that's supported by the potential of collaborating with others on the same path. There will only be 2 people maximum in each classroom with me ebbing and flowing between each space, to brain storm, listen, coach, advise and encourage.


  • Plasma Cutting
  • Welding
  • Bending and shaping tools

  1. Whatever training, brainstorming, encouraging and support you need through the whole process will be right there for you, as you need it.


  • 7 ft tall personal totem poles (Pictures attached of the 2 totem poles I created, that most of you have seen at The Collaboratory). 
  • Such a great structure for us to break it down into segments, for example, in thirds it could represent,

  1.  past
  2.  present
  3.  future. 

  • In quarters it can represent,

  1. Identity
  2. values
  3. vision
  4. mission

  • We will spend time in the early design phase brainstorming and getting really clear about your personal preferences for maximum effect and beauty. 


  • You will have a choice of diameter, either a 4 inch round, 5 inch or 6 inch round. (for example, the Chakra totem pole on the left of my pictures is 5 inch and the one on the right, my garden of Eden, is 4 inch round diameter). During this first workshop, I will be going through the creative process with you, as I work on a 6 inch round diameter totem pole that's been marinating for quite some time. This way I can literally go through this with you and facilitate from a greater height and depth.
    • 4 inch round, 7 ft long steel - $70.00
    • 5 inch round, 7 ft long steel - $105.00
    • 6 inch round, 7 ft long steel - $155.00


  • Choice of materials (above) plus $130.00 each week for  6 weeks (2 hours per week)


  • Choice of materials (above) plus $195.00 each week for 4 weeks (3 hours per week)