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WORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAY

WORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAY

WORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAYWORKING ART-Making ideas tangible as we make tangible ways-THE WHOLE WAY



My circumstances don't make me defective! My circumstances make me effective! -  Ceri Jones  


Life Part 11


 "If you bring forth what is inside of you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is inside of you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you" Gospel of Thomas.  

Free to Fly


 Don't let what you're afraid of keep you from what you were made for!  - Bob Goff  

retreat purpose

Are you ready to Breakthrough into your Best Life Part 11?

Joining this life changing retreat, is guaranteed to launch you into the next phase of your life’s Dreams and Visions. Join Ceri Jones of The Collaboratory as she leads you through a uniquely creative process that will transition you from your Life Part 1, into a new orbit and a new you! Your Life Part 11, is waiting for you!


Elevation Cycle

When you launched into adulthood,  the engines, propulsion and force to get you off the ground, came from your family environment, culture, conditioning and what you uniquely, liked or often what you didn't like during your childhood. Were calling this Life Part 1. 

At the uniquely perfect time and place for you and your journey here on earth, you reach the exact point of entry into your orbit. This phase we are calling Life Part 11. 

In order to enter your orbit and sustain a whole new way of being in this elevated atmosphere, firstly, you have to let go of the engines that got you there. Secondly, you have to learn to be and create life with a whole new set of atmospheric dynamics and intentional forces. And thirdly, you need to learn how to re-enter, earths atmosphere eloquently, in order to preserve your ship, harvest your orbit, re-seed your next Mission, to go again. To new heights!

If an elevated level of Life, Love, Purpose and Service is calling?

This is for you.  

Orbit = Co-Creating

 A successful Orbit is summarized by the  perfect balance of two forces working together to produce a perfect sustainable orbit: Gravity and Forward Motion. 

Using this same formula to create our own, unique Orbit, the two critical forces become, our Spiritual Connectivity and our Purpose for being here. 

retreat flow

Sunday PM


Converging - 

Arrival and Welcome Reception

 Getting to know thy selves




Arcosanti immersion day

Digging deep in order to lift high



Take off

 Honoring the past 

Life Part 1



The intersection 

Adorning the present

Letting go of the past



Sustaining a new Orbit

Co-Creating the Future

Life Part 11




Bringing forth

Heaven on Earth  

The Mind Garden @ Arcosanti

the retreat

Breakthrough - The Whole Way

Through the convergence of two synergized Laboratory Projects, we bring you, "Free to Fly - The Whole Way"! A one of its kind, five day, creative, life expanding, elevating and equipping retreat,  immersed in one of the most iconic, Urban Laboratories in the World.

The Collaboratory. A Creative Laboratory and it's brand The Whole Way, founded by Ceri Jones, is on mission to stimulate, share  with and support, PEOPLE, through a radical realignment at the intersection of our internal and external human environments. Ceri, developed this foundational transformation workshop content over 10 years ago, and she's been walking it out ever since. Through her own, spirit lead transition, out of an externally focused Corporate life (Life Part 1), with a self serving mindset. A business executive, on assignment in a foreign land. Turned inward to explore a largely uncharted, internal landscape, that would eventually start to feel like home and begin to manifest an integrated, fruit bearing - outward lifestyle,  aligned to the core of who she is, designed purposefully, for her Mission here upon the earth, in these incredible  moments of  time and space. Life Part 11 - The Whole Way .

Now, with a small intimate group of aligned People, that are called to great change, new paths and Whole new lifestyles during this quickening time on earth. Ceri is going to impart the formulas and strategy's  that saved, re-stimulated and propelled her to Soar, into a fully authentic, creative and connected Lifestyle, that she calls, Life Part 11.

We are all in process and all continue to spiral upward, through the same stages over and over again!! Were experiencing the same consistent process orbiting around our life spiral but each time, were at a new elevation, that carries a different atmosphere and a different set of dynamics to maintain critical balance. So, where ever you are, in your current stage  and cycle. If you're hearing that internal call for change and  you've already done a tremendous amount of personal excavation and building along your new path, or you haven't even broke ground, as you are not quite sure where to dig! Where ever you are, we are all in a continuous elevation process and this Retreat, is what's going to catapult you and better equip you, from one stage in the process, to the next. 

March 15th to 20th, 2020

For these five, precious and fully present days, our small  group of  5 - 6  PEOPLE will stay, tightly immersed within a sacred portal, nestled within this iconic, experiential city, surrounded by it's passionate, resident community. 

Our setting is Arcosanti, an intentional community and urban laboratory in Yavapai County that since 1970 has been experimenting through experiential architecture to create a more integrated relationship among our built environment, our natural surroundings, and our identity as a communities.

It's no accident that this fully immersive Retreat  is happening within the wise womb of this idea, during Arcosanti's Golden Jubilee Year, as the sun crosses the equator, into the Northern hemisphere, for the Spring Equinox, Thursday March 21st!

The Collaboratory


The Collaboratory - A Creative Laboratory, was created in 2010, as both a tangible and non tangible environment, with intention that everyone who shares creative experience  with us, leaves, sometimes subtly but always profoundly changed, with new seeds laid deeply in their soil! 



Arcosanti - An Urban Laboratory, seeking radical reorganization of the built environment, Arcosanti, begun in 1970 and continues to be developed as an experiential learning center, walk-through demonstration of how to pursue efficient “lean” alternatives to urban sprawl.  

About Us

Ceri Jones


Co-creator of The Collaboratory and Founder of The Whole Way. Ceri has been a Whole Way practitioner in the Art of Creating your own reality, for over 15 intentional years now. By leaning in and surrendering to the pull of Purpose and obediently following her internal  guidance to co-create her unique systems, framework, processes and adaptable lifestyle to support her flow and Mission, Ceri is concerned with one thing only: that all People be connected to their Loving, Creative and Eternal Source.

Life Artist


A Conceptual Life Artist, Ceri values the process in Art as a fishing rod, to the soul. A creative process that gives access and ability to discern and make structure for the unseen energies and forces of our dreams and visions to come forth into tangible, bold , meaningful and alive, reality.  

Tangible, concepts and forms give us possible blueprints to build, adapt, mimic and form. Something to be inspired by and grow into! 

Hence the Value, Privilege and Influence of The Arts and Creative Process as a Whole Way of Life.

Teacher & Creative Mentor


As creativity is made tangible. The Co-Creator, the atmosphere and the observer, are changed.

To create, is to be saturated in collaboration with life itself. And your life wants to meet and create with you right where you are.

It's my gift to be Inspired and equipped, through experience and connection with my source, to be assigned to come along side specific People, in their unique Creative process, either through tangible tools and creation or intuiting the more unseen subtitles and messages in the Heart.

Honoring the Past


Adorning the Present


Co-Creating the Future


retreat overview

Breakthrough - Retreat - The Whole Way

A one of its kind, five day, creative,  life expanding, elevating and equipping retreat. Immersed in this intentional and iconic City, Arcosanti. We trust it will be everything your Spirit is leading you too, in support  of the next divine version of YOU! 


The Arcosanti Guest Rooms are simple spaces with Paolo Soleri siltcast designs on the ceiling and modest amenities. They overlook thousands of acres of the Agua Fria National Monument and have a beautiful sunrise view.


The Cafe at Arcosanti is the community kitchen, shared with the public. We will gather here at least 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's all inclusive, within the Retreat cost.

The Cafe at Arcosanti, strives to have a variety of options available for your meals. If you are vegetarian/vegan or follow a gluten-free diet there are usually options available for you. Guests with more specific dietary requirements are welcome to bring whatever would compliment our daily menu to complete their meal.


What type of clothing will you need

  • Sunday PM - Our small group will converge in the early evening at the Cafe for a Welcome reception, becoming acquainted and evening meal. Comfortable layers.
  • Monday - Dress comfortable as we tour Arcosanti and hike, weather depending, shorts and tennis shoes are appropriate.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - We will be cocooned in Arcosanti's, comfortable, secure and Inspiring, Red Room. Were going to be doing a lot of sitting and stretching of the Mind, Body and Spirit. 
  • Friday - Were re-entering with a studio day. We'll be Plasma Cutting and Creating. You don't need heavy shop wear, just make sure you have a pair of long pants and closed toe shoes. Jeans and tennis shoes are appropriate.
  • We will surely make regular evening walks for de-orbiting the day, to the Mind Garden. Be sure to bring layers of clothing, as it may still get a little chill at night, out under the stars.
  • There's a lovely outdoor pool at Arcosanti, weather depending,.


  • 5 People 
  • 5 Day immersive Retreat
  • 5 Days of 3 x Meals per day
  • 5 nights, Private accommodations  in one of Arcosanti Guest rooms
  • Physical exercise (hiking or yoga) and spiritual disciplines offered and encouraged, daily
  • Small, light, Metal Sculpture, that you create and will take home, to seal, remind and embody the unique essence of your elevation process.


Retreat Preparation

  • As soon as your spirit says yes and you hits the, I'm coming button...YES! I believe your innermost focus will start to ready itself for the flight, you've been preparing for, all your Life! 
  • We'll work out the soonest time for us to conference call, one on one. We want to arrive as prepared as we can, ready to fully lean in to  this once in a lifetime, life changing Flight.
  • A couple of great books for you to enter the vibe are:

  1.  The Mind Garden by Paolo Soleri.
  2. An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Col. Chris Hadfield. 
  3. The New Testament Gospels. My two favorite versions are:

  • The Message; The Bible in contemporary language by Eugene. H. Peterson
  • King James Version

Retreat cost

Retreat Pillars